Garage Solutions

Compact Storage Solutions is bringing innovation to the garage industry. Space is at a premium for many homeowners, condominiums, office buildings and parking garages.

Garage, locker and storage facilities face special challenges as homes and offices continue to be built, developed and grow. Bicycle and locker storage take up a substantial amount of room placing the additional burden on homeowners, condominiums, office buildings, parking garages and the staff that manage them.

Garage, locker, and bicycle storage systems features include:

Patented seamless track and a proprietary installation method allow us to provide a maintenance-free system.

Newly designed modular bike racks and storage systems that provide maximum use of space.

Bicycle and storage racks may be mobile or used as a cost-saving fixed system which can be modified into a high-density mobile bike and storage system at a later date.

Sliding bicycle dividers and storage racks allow an optimal and efficient use of every inch of space. Cabinets and racking systems are customized to fit your garage storage needs. 

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