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ECOMM Work Stations are designed to improve workflow and create ergonomic work-spaces within warehouses, production facilities, and workplaces by being an organized and convenient space for materials and equipment.


ECOMM Work Stations:

• Facilitate improved task performance
• Increase health and safety of employees
• Minimize employee fatigue and injury
• Increase speed and efficiency of operations
• Prevent errors due to lack of organized workflow

ECOMM Work Stations are fully customizable to suit the application and current space allotment. Customizable options include:
• Size (width, depth, height)
• Strength/load capacity
• Back and end panels
• Number of and location of shelves
• Accessories (including packing rolls, sectional dividers, bins)

Areas of efficiently:
• Ecomm orders
• Packing station
• Production and assembly station
• Industrial and warehouse use
• Shipping and/or receiving desk
• Maintenance and/or janitorial station
• Inventory maintenance station

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